How to connect Trust Wallet to MetaMask?

Cryptocurrency has become a vast world with thousands of options and numerous opportunities. Yet, all those opportunities and the greed of people made the crypto space to be quite unsafe. So, it is paramount to understand how to use and how to protect your assets.

But thanks to cryptocurrency wallets, it has become easier (but not easy).

Following this train of thought, it’s better to have a tampon interface when accessing an opportunity, a dapp, or a decentralized platform. 

Specifically, if you own a TrustWallet and want to play around with crypto, better use a MetaMask. And to safely do that, we will tell you in this article how to connect Trust Wallet to MetaMask.

What is MetaMask?

MetaMask is a digital cryptocurrency wallet that comes in two forms: an App you can use on Android or iOS but also an extension for your browser. These two can be used simultaneously on your phone and desktop. 

This digital crypto wallet allows you to store and trade your cryptocurrencies safely. MetaMask works only with ETH and ETH-based tokens like ERC-20, ERC-721, and NFTs. 

Also, even though MetaMask is mostly used for ETH storage, it allows its users to setups wallets for other chains like BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, or RSK. 

What is Trust Wallet?

As the name suggest, Trust Wallet is another digital crypto wallet in which you can store your assets. It has over 58 million people using it, and, until now, it was only available as an app on Android and iOS, but they’ve recently launched a browser extension as well. 

The difference between the two digital crypto wallets is the number of tokens they can support. As stated previously, MetaMask is only used for Ethereum and ETH-based tokens, but Trust Wallet works with more than 8 million tokens out of the box with true multi-chain support.  

Connect Trust Wallet to MetaMask method 1

If you want to connect your Trust Wallet to MetaMask, here is one easy and safe efficient way to do it. 

First, make sure you have both safety phrases next to you, the one for Trust Wallet and the other for MetaMask. Next:

  1. Go on your MetaMask app and get the ETH address. All you have to do is to click on the three lines from the upper left corner, click on “Add funds,” click on “QR code,” and write your Ethereum address. Try not to screenshot this for safety matters.
  • If you didn’t write down your MetaMask recovery phrase, you can find it on the app. Tap again on the three lines from the left upper corner, go to “Settings,” then to “Security and Privacy,” and then tap on the “reveal Secret Recovery Phrase.” As we said before, try not to screenshot this. Write it down in a notebook or a piece of paper and take care of it.
  • Then, after you have opened the Trust Wallet app, go to the lower right corner and tap on “Settings,” then on “Wallets,” and on the “+” sign from the upper right part of your screen. You’ll have the option to “Create a New Wallet” or “Already have a wallet.” Next, you’ll have to select “Ethereum.” You’ll be able to access the wallet import screen. Tap on “Ethereum.”
  • Now you have to import the recovery phrase. You can either scan the QR code if you have it or type in the wallet’s name and the 12-word key recovery phrase. Then tap on “Import.” 
  • Finally, you have to confirm the connecting process. After you import all the data, the textboxes will show you that the wallet migration has been realized.  

Import Trust Wallet to MetaMask method 2

Another way of importing your Trust Wallet to MetaMask is by using Private Keys. 

After you find the private key for your Trust Wallet, you’ll have to follow the next steps to import your Trust Wallet to MetaMask:

  • Open MetaMask on your phone or desktop, go to the profile icon and access “Import Account”;
  • Paste your Trust Wallet private key in the box;
  • Click on “Import,” and after that, your Trust Wallet will be imported to MetaMask and visible on the top by seeing the account header and the address.

Transferring tokens to Metamask From Trust Wallet

By now, you may be already able to connect Trust Wallet to MetaMask. Yet, keep in mind that MetaMask operates mostly with ETH, so if you want to transfer tokens from Trust Wallet, you’ll have to stick to this type of cryptocurrency.

Here are the steps:

  • Open Trust Wallet and select the token you want to send – preferably ETH;
  • Click on send;
  • In order to paste the recipient address, you have to open MetaMask and, while transferring the token, check if the receiver MetaMask wallet is put on the ETH network and tap on “Recieve.” Copy the token address and then go to Trust Wallet – recipient address – and paste it;
  • Select the value you want to send and tap on “Next,” then on “Confirm,” and that’s it. 

Not very hard, isn’t it?

 All the information from this article does not represent legal or financial advice for your digital assets. The cryptocurrency market is a volatile one, and you have to be aware of the risks you are exposing yourself to while trading. The article presents general information which can be used if necessary.  

Sidenote: To better understand what MataMask can do for you, we recommend you check our article on How to add Polygon to MetaMask. These are just a few of the things you need to know about MetaMask to use it to its full potential.

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